Complete Playground

Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation's Donation Funds Complete Playground Construction

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation is proud to be one of the first donors to the Complete Playground - a unique non-profit indoor playground in the Financian District area of New York City. The Foundation's $100,000 gift was one of the earliest donations it received and been instrumental in developing one of the city’s largest indoor playgrounds, which is notable not only for its size but also for its commitment to serving a diverse community.

Located in the heart of NYC, Complete Playground spans a significant area of over 40,000 sqft making it one of the few indoor playgrounds of its size in the region. The foundation's early donation specifically funded the construction of a sprawling, multi-level jungle gym, which is now the centerpiece of the facility. This feature is designed to engage children in physical activity while fostering social interaction and developmental learning in a safe environment. 

Complete Playground’s mission extends beyond mere play. It aims to provide a comprehensive environment where children, including those with special needs, can enjoy and benefit from a variety of activities. The facility includes zones equipped for different types of play, from quiet areas for children who might feel overwhelmed by the usual bustling activity, to vibrant, interactive spaces that encourage energetic play, and a variety of classes including dance, gymnastics and arts and crafts.  

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation's support of Complete Playground reflects its broader goals of supporting child welfare and promoting education. By funding projects like this, the foundation seeks to impact the lives of children and families directly, ensuring that they have access to quality recreational and educational opportunities regardless of their background or abilities.

For those interested in learning more about the Complete Playground or booking a visit, please visit its website here