Bark Nation

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation Supports Bark Nation's Fight Against Dogfighting

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation Inc. is a proud supporter of Bark Nation, a nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs from cruel dog fighting conditions. The Foundation's $50,000 donation will fund the replacement of the deteriorating roof and building improvements at Bark Nation's shelter, which houses ensuring a safe and secure environment for the close to 100 dog fighting victims under their constant care.

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation chose Bark Nation because of its proactive stance against dogfighting, a barbaric practice that remains a pervasive issue across the United States. Recently, the organization played a pivotal role in a large-scale rescue operation in Detroit, Michigan, where 133 dogs were saved from what is considered one of the largest dogfighting stings in the state's history. Prior to this, Bark Nation assisted more than 60 federal and state law enforcement officers with the seizure of 275 dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation throughout multiple properties in the Columbia, South Carolina, area. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General (USDA-OIG) along with South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) executed 23 search warrants for multiple properties in what is believed to be the largest operation to combat dogfighting in South Carolina History. These dogs were found in deplorable conditions, often chained outdoors with minimal shelter and many suffering from severe injuries and illnesses​ (Bark Nation)​​ (CBS News)​.

The rescued dogs required extensive medical and rehabilitative care, reflecting the severe impact of dogfighting on their physical and psychological health. The operation highlighted the extensive resources needed to rehabilitate such animals. Despite these challenges, Bark Nation remains committed to providing these animals with a chance at a new life, free from violence and abuse​ (Bark Nation)​​ (Yahoo News UK)​. T

Dogfighting, recognized as a felony in all 50 states and a federal offense, involves forcing dogs to fight for the entertainment and profit of spectators. The practice is not only illegal but also profoundly immoral, reflecting a deep disregard for the wellbeing of animals. Organizations like Bark Nation are essential in the ongoing fight against this cruel activity, providing not just rescue and recovery, but also advocating for stricter enforcement of animal cruelty laws and raising public awareness about the severity of dogfighting​ (Bark Nation)​​ (Banana 101.5)​.

The Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation's donation is a testament to their commitment to animal welfare and their support for organizations that make significant impacts in the community. As Bark Nation continues its vital work, the support from the foundation and the community will be crucial in ensuring that these dogs, and many others like them, receive the care and love they deserve.

For those interested in supporting or learning more about Bark Nation and its efforts, visit their official website